Just Little Things

One day I wake up with something completely different, no “morning” greetings or kisses, of course I just broke up a few months ago, but that’s not the point, everything changed at that time, I couldn’t even go to the gym, couldn’t go to a restaurant to eat, couldn’t go to the movies, or couldn’t even go to the office, completely only at home. Yes, that was the beginning of the pandemic in Jakarta. It happened in a few months, the streets were very quiet at that time. I live in the apartment, alone. It’s very quiet here, only hearing the sound from the zoom call on weekdays and from gadgets or television. Sometimes I miss my voice, I used to talk as much as I want to the people around me, I’m the type of person who can’t just stay quiet when around people. As an extrovert who lives alone in an apartment and can’t go out very often during that time, it drives me crazy.

It makes me even crazier every time I check instagram, people are so crazy talking about this pandemic, they encourage people to stay at home, that’s great but some of them do it in a bad way, without even caring about the effects of this situation. They didn’t know that there are so many people with uncertain income and their job depend on how many people come. Those people weren’t as lucky as us, we could still work remotely, still get paid and not even worry about being able to eat today or pay rent and bills. That’s the reason why I hate people who only care about their followers or their opinions without caring for anyone else.

One day I ordered a taxi and asked the driver to take me around town. It made me really happy, finally I could see the streets. But on the other hand, I also feel sad to see the streets are very quiet, the shops are closed, I don’t know how many people have lost their jobs and don’t earn money because of this pandemic. On the way, the taxi driver also told me that the impact of this pandemic made it difficult for taxi drivers to earn income, almost every day they did not get money, even to eat every day it was difficult, plus they had to support their families. How do you feel after hearing and seeing those things? Then after that I decided something.

And also I will answer at the same time your questions about Why I always go out every day, to the mall, to the gym, restaurant even to the cinema during a pandemic like this. Why? Why I’m doing that everyday? What does that have to do with the decisions I make? Do I not believe in this covid?

The answer is, Yes, I believe that Covid exists. I saw with my own eyes that there were many people around me who were positive for Covid, including my ex, cousins, aunties, uncles, personal trainer, etc. So if I believe that Covid exists, then why do I still go out every day? I have 2 reasons for this.

Just looking at the people out there, I don’t feel lonely anymore, I’m not alone.

That’s my first reasons. That because I can’t just stay indoors every day, alone. It drives me crazy. By going out, I’m feeling happier, more productive and healthier. Why I said healthier in this pandemic? yes because I go to places like gyms, open spaces, public areas & etc. So I feel healthy inside and out.

I can help many people keep their jobs, businesses, and earn income as passengers, visitors and buyers.

And that’s my second reasons, it’s because I want to do something good for other people. With my daily routine, I usually,

  • I order 3 to 5 online transportations such as ojek, cars or taxis a day.
  • I order 2 to 5 food delivery a day
  • I do dine in 1 to 3 different restaurant/cafes a day
  • I do gym workout almost everyday
  • Sometimes I buy some snacks at the mall or street foods
  • Watch movie at the cinema 1 to 2 a week

With these things, that’s mean I always go to at least 1 mall, 1 gym club and 1 cafes a day. People may call me mall rat or gym rat or covid ignorant or whatever, I don’t care. God know me better, at least this what I can do, just little things that I can do.

Because I believe these little things can help make big things for other people

Like for example, with one strong word “Thanks!” there will be at least one person who is happy to hear it. Also with a simple effortless but powerful expression like a smile, it will trigger a happy face for some who see it. As well as a cup of coffee that can break the ice. Those are the little things we often forget how powerful they are. It’s like going out with a ojek or cab then taking a walk around the street or mall, maybe buying some snack or street food, then doing some activities such as exercising, working or maybe watching a movie at the cinema, then after that eat something before leaving at the restaurant or a different cafe every day, then go home safely by ojek or taxi. Many people will be happy because of this daily routine activity.

And yes there must be a consequence of every action, including being ready to accept the risk. So to avoid any risks, I try to keep my body healthy by exercising every day, eating healthy foods, getting enough sleep and a happy spirit. Fortunately so far I have been safe from Covid, and hopefully it will continue to be safe. And for all of you who read this, hopefully you will always be healthy and may this pandemic end soon, keep up the spirit! God bless you! :)

Thanks for reading, hope you enjoy and get something good from this :)



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Yefta Andrea

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