Liveaboard in Komodo National Park

Komodo National Park is one of my favourite destinations, why? Well, I have many reasons for that, like there are lots of beautiful islands, we can see lots of beautiful creatures in the ocean and of course we can see the beautiful strongest creature in Indonesia, it’s KOMODO DRAGON !!!

Part of East Nusa Tenggara, the islands between Flores and Sumbawa island (West Nusa Tenggara). To go there, we can start from labuan bajo, lombok, gili islands or bali. There are lots of yacht for hoping islands, we can see lots of beautiful ​phinisi​​ yacht which we can use it for sailing. The nearest airport is Komodo Airport (LBJ)​​ in Labuan Bajo. If you go from Jakarta, it takes around 140 mins flight. Then from the komodo airport, we just need around 8 mins to reach port. Last time I went there on end of april 2018 in my long trip for 15 days from ende to bali.

There are lots of beautiful islands, I recommend you to visit kelor, pink beach, padar and gili lawa barat to get beautiful views. ​

Padar island​​ is the most favorite island in this national park, and ya! That’s totally right! This island is really beautiful! This island is an icon on 50K IDR. Best view is from top of island, like the picture above, you can see island with three beaches, it’s beautiful, right? Also better you go there at sunrise, it’s really beautiful. I remember that day, it was beautiful sunrise, the sunshine made a beautiful look, more beautiful. I took a picture of my friend, Adi and you know what, the result was really good! Not just because the view but also this my friend made a funny expression, Hahaha.

See . . . hahaha so funny! LOL

This island can be your special place to propose your special one like one of my friend, Hendra did it last time. Yey Congratulation! It was so beautiful moment and I happy to help him, yey! haha.

I tell you the funny story behind this moment, so first we reach this place at the sunset like almost the night, on our first day of sailing. You know what, that is the first time for us to went there, and mostly people want to make it perfect, like satisfied enough enjoying this island. And yah! we are so disappointed that can’t be enjoy so much, especially hendra, he felt that his plan was fail, totally failed. Then we had little drama with captain and tour guide at the night, haha and then we decide to back to island at the next day, at the sunrise. So yey! yes on the next day, we went there again at 5 AM, sky still dark, so we leave our boat and use small boat to reach the island. That’s why we had the beautiful sunrise moment and then finally hendra can make it happen, he did it, and his girlfriend said YES! wow! congratulation guys! it was so beautiful moment! We are so happy for you guys! :)

Just for your information, to reach the top, we need to get uphill from beach just by walk, but don’t worry there’s a stairways, not too far but it can make you feel tired enough, so be ready if you want to go there, bring drinking water with you and don’t bring too many stuff. Enjoy! :)

Second is ​Pink beach​​ is like the name, it’s truly has pink color, you can see it from the hill, if you lucky! So, the color was coming from pink coral which mixed with the sands, that’s made pink beach. Last time, I proof it and ya I found lots of pink coral there, while I snorkeling there

Last time I went there, the looks not too pink, but I still lucky that there’s pink gradation at the beach, see this picture, if you focus, you can see it, It was beautiful, I love the view! combination between the land, sand, islands, ocean and sky was really beautiful!

Also I was so happy saw lots of beautiful fish there, basically I like fish and If I can speak with them, I want to say Hello! Nice to meet you! hahaha.

The last one is ​Gili Lawa Barat island​​, you remember the news about it, right? Island that got fired on last august. That’s Gili Lawa Barat island. That island has beautiful view. Same with Padar and pink beach, to get beautiful view you need to reach top of Gili Lawa Barat islands, you need track to the hill and tralaaa . . . , you will love the views! :).

Things that make it different with padar and pink beach is the view of course, the view is unique, you can see the picture, like two islands so close and make the ocean looks beautiful, also sky make it more better, I like it!

Ah I forgot one island, Kelor island. Small island that has beautiful view, but last time I went just for snorkeling and not get uphill to see the view. That’s why I don’t have the picture, but ya, snorkeling around that island was really fun! I saw lion fish for the first time! hahaha. This island is the first island that we visited, it nearest with labuan bajo than the others.

Then there are two more islands that I recommend you. They are ​Komodo​​ and Rinca​​ Islands. You will see the beautiful dragons there. If you lucky, you can see lots of them on there. Basically, this species is little bit difficult to find, because they’re not living together as a group. The reason is because they’re cannibal species. So, be careful guys when you go there, don’t ever try to take a selfie with them without any ranger around you. I still want to see you tomorrow guys! hahaha. I got knowledge about this species from ranger, like my explanation before about cannibal, because of that the komodo baby need to survive from any komodo including their mom. They climb and hide in trees, protect their self from any predators.

Well, Komodo Dragon is not just a creature that you can see in this national park, you can see lots of beautiful fish, there’s lots of snorkeling and diving spots. Also there’s ​manta point​​ where you can meet ​MANTA​​ if you lucky. And there are lots of ​dolphins​​ that you can see while you are in sailing. They are really adorable, last time I saw them, they’re playing together as a group. Jumping, jumping, jumping and singing. Lots of group, and couple times they jumped so closed with our yacht. That was fun! Sorry I don’t have picture or any video of dolphins, they’re so adorable and I forgot to take a picture nor record. hahaha

For me, Live in yacht for 4 days was really fun! Everyday I saw the beautiful sunrise and sunset. Singing, dancing and chilling together in yacht, it makes more fun! Last time I used trip from labuan bajo to gilis lombok. That’s why I spent 4 days liveaboard. Story about trip after komodo national park to gilis will be published soon. And another story for previous trip, overland flores, will be published soon too! :)

Also, if you lucky like me, you can see the milky ways like I got it last time. The whole night, laid down at the deck, staring the milky ways and listening the music from some people who playing guitar and singing. Sorry I’m not able to take a picture of milky ways. These experiences will never been forgotten by me. For you who never been there before, I recommend you to go there, and feel the sensations! :)

Thank you! Hope you like this story, see ya in a another story! :)



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