You Are Superheroes!

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Have you ever felt all of these happen to you at the same time? Then how do you deal with all of these?

Let me bring you to someone’s story. He is someone who live in big city, alone. Actually not alone, he has lot of family in that city, he has lot of friends too. He’s from peaceful small town. His main family live in that hometown, including his parents. If we ask him what’s his level of happiness? (from 1 to 10), he will answer “it has increased to 2”.

Why did he only reach that level?

It all started from 2014, his family was having financial difficulties, his salary at that time was not enough to help. He saw so many letters from bank, he knew that his parents had lot of loans from bank. Then they decide to sell one of house, car and two motorcycles including his favorite one. They know that after they do it, that’s still not enough, they still have several loans, but at least the burden is less. Then at the end of 2014, they found out another problem, they found out that his elder sister had lungs cancer. That’s because of the spread of the cancer that she ever fought two years before. Since his sister sick, he need to take care of and took so many leave. That because only he’s the one who capable of with medical things. At that time he live in out of town that need 1,5 hours from his hometown. So during that time, he often went to hometown for his sister. Not just that, he also need to think about his sister’s medical expenses. At the same time, he has a new job, that’s why he need to learn new thing too, he tried to focus all of these.

Photo by Tom Pumford on Unsplash
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The Script — Superheroes



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Yefta Andrea

Yefta Andrea


I shared something that I wish could give positive impacts to people. IG: @yeftaandrea