You Can Do It If You Want!

Everyone has wishes in their life. Don’t say that you have no wishes in your life, with just want to live normally, it’s a wish too. So, don’t be insist and accept it that we must be have wishes in our life. Hahaha (Imagine this is my satisfied laughing with stupid face, LOL). Forgive me, if my joke isn’t funny at all, give me chance to try to be funny, haha. So, what are we talking about? what’s matter with the wishes thing? Well, yes everyone has wishes and it will not become a wish if we are so easy to do that, that’s why we call it wishes, right? Then the question is how we can do it? how we can make our wishes become true? Well, if you’re trying googling it, you can find lot of ways that can give you the answer. But, I have one story, this story, I wish by this story, I can help to answer that question. I have 5 main points that we have to do, to achieve what we want. here we go . . .

1.Start with the Acceptance!

Everyone must have failed, not once but many times. If we look back, we will remember the many failures we have experienced. Sometimes we are afraid to try again, sometimes we are afraid to change, we fear if in the end we will fail again. So the first thing we have to do is accept the failure, accept the past, and then turn into a better person by learning from experience and do not give up.

It’s not easy, yes I know. When we’re in the lowest condition, we feel that our weakness is bigger than our strength. We also realize that to rise again is not easy. That’s why there are steps that we need to do, so we can rise again and achieve our wishes. The first step is start with the acceptance including failure, the past and change. Failure is the beginning of success, the past is a lesson and change is the process. So, accept all of these and you’re ready to start again with well prepared and a good start.

2. Be Thankful

Have you ever felt your day was so bad? every day feels worse and may be very boring. Even until we feel annoyed to see our image in the mirror. the feeling becomes stronger when seeing people around us look much happier. Have you ever felt like that? What if we change our point of view? Like be thankful every morning that we are still breathing, be thankful for the sunny morning and the fresh air. After that we give a smile to our image on the mirror, then we start our activities with a smile, greet the people around us with friendly and smile face. Seeing they reply us with smiles too, it will makes our mood happier. Then we can continue our activities with happy. And at the end of the day, we realize that our day become good. So the next day we just do the same. Being grateful is the key to starting the day.

After we have well prepared and a good start, we need to be stable so that we will not failing again and repeat it again from the beginning (the acceptance). That’s why, if we keep be thankful everyday, we will be stronger than yesterday, we will be always positive and we will be happy to fighting again.

3. Do It Now!

Everyone has a desire, that desire that will create conflict in our brain. Many things create conflict, such as How? what if. . . ? How to? What to do? who will help? and etc. Just stop wasting time, change your habits, set your goals, and do it now!

Sometime we forgot about our goal, while we have much time and good condition, but we still not starting to fighting yet. We just doing same regular activities everyday and never focus to achieve our goal. Then in the next couple years, we will regret about what we did before, we done nothing. We’re wasting our time and forgot that time is always going on. So, do we want this happen to us overtime?

Stop wasting time, time is a gold, gold is precious, so don’t wasting our time, do it now! and our habits . . . we knew that we have to change our habits, if we want to manage our time efficiently, we need to change our habits, to be better than before. So, stop wasting time and change our habits. One more, set the goals! of course we don’t want to make wrong steps, right? so, every big goal must be have some small goals. For example, the big goal is hiking Rinjani Mountain until the submit point. So, to achieve that, we need to set small goals and we have to achieve these first. With this case, we need to set goal, among others like saving money, doing exercise everyday before the hiking day, and prepare all stuff that we need. Well, stop wasting time, change the habits and set the goals, then we’re almost there.

4. Brave to Deal

Courage is one of the important points to start all our efforts. Unconsciously, since childhood we have learned to be brave to do many things that we can ultimately do. Like when we were kids, we learned to be brave to sleep alone, learn to be brave to go to school and many things that we can finally do many things. Anxiety and fear are all sorts of our negativity. Courage is one of the keys to resisting all the our negativity. So do the same to our next goal, be brave! take risk. Brave to deal with negative thoughts and reflect.

We must be knew that everytime we’re trying to achieve our goals to achieve our big goals, we must be faced with conflicts. If we’re not brave to deal with that, we will fail again and again. If we’re not stronger than before to deal with that, we will regret over and over. We need to handle our emotions, stick with the big goal and focus. Take a breath and be brave!

5. Believe

Am I able to do this? this is one of the questions we often hear. How can we succeed if we are not sure and believe that we can? This is not a simple matter, because if we do not believe that we can, we will not fight maximally and success will be further away. So, Believe in yourself, believe that you can.

Well the last thing is believe, the last point that capable to make us stronger and confident that we can achieve our goals in the end. Like for example, we believe in God, then we can live until now and not worry about the future because God always there for us everytime. So, this one is same, we need to believe to our self that we can do it, we can do it because we believe in our skill, we believe that we will be better than before, we believe that God always help us, so believe that everything will be okay and we can achieve our goals.

Well, that’s it. 5 important things that can help us to achieve our wishes. If you want something, you have to make you really want it. So, you can do it if you want!

Thank You for reading, have a nice day! :)



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