Your Smile is My Greatest Happiness

I remember when I realize that smile is important for me. In my heart, I said “damn, what’s this? I like this, It happens to me again, I want this more, I want feel this everyday, so what’s this . . . what . . . wait a minute, ah I know it now!”. It’s a thing that make me feel happy. It’s not just a happy, but it’s my greatest happiness. It’s make me alive, It’s make me think that this world is not evil. It’s make me thankfully that I can live in this world. Thanks God!

Hampi, India (27th May 2017)

I went to Hampi, one of city in South India. Hampi is one of UNESCO World Heritage. They call hampi is group of monuments. And yes, hampi has lots of heritages like palaces, statues, temples and cultures. I went there with my friends, 8 people (Akshay, Duta, Faizal, Heri, Iqbal, Nabiel, Pratik and Varsha). We used minibus that we called traveler bus because the minibus name is traveler. It tooks 8 hours from Bangalore to Hampi. We leave bangalore by midnight and arrived hampi at the morning. Because Hampi is really huge and the weather were so hot, we spent almost 12 hours for explore. Yes, we saw lots of temples, statues, palaces and cultures.

Then there’s a place that called Shri Vijayavitthala Temple. People including me were interest with one of statue in there. That statue looks like a carriage, that Indonesia people called Kereta Kencana. But, when people enjoy and take some pictures of that statue, suddenly there are children came to me and surprised me. I feel surprised because they are lot. Then they gave me greeting “Hi, sir! :)” and shaked my hand. Then I reply their greetings “Hello !! :)” then I look at their face and suddenly I froze! Like the world was suddenly stopped and made me can see details of things around me. “Selfie, sir!” their voice woke me up and again, they showed me their smile, those smile were really beautiful.

Santos and his friends were really cute, kind and adorable. Ya, santos was a boy who wear purple t-shirt, he was the one who most attractive, see his smile, you can see and feel that he has lots of happiness. Then see these kids, all of them gave me smile and not just a simple smile, but beautiful smile, cute smile and so adorable!. Oh my God, I was so lucky. Thanks God for bring me together with them in that place.

Then ya, we took some group photos with my phone and they are really happy because of that. Not just them, I really happy because of that. Oh man, if you know what I feel that time, I really happy! Oh My God! their smile, their laugh and their kindness make me feel more happy . . . happy and never gone.

“Hi Yefta, come here! let’s take a picture together!” akshay called me, then I said goodbye to them “See ya, guys! I’m so happy to meet you and thank you, hope we can meet again in the future! keep smile! :)”

Then I came to my friends and we took group photo again with my friends. Some of them, these kids still followed me wherever I go. They just followed me, paid attention to me and saw the way I took pictures of statues. Again with their adorable face and beautiful smile, I was really happy because of them.

Actually, before I met these kids, I saw one beautiful moment in around Badavilinga Temple. So, at that day, there are some local people working as construction labourers for renovation around that temple. When I went there, they were at lunch together and laugh together. That’s beautiful moment that I saw. Again, I was so lucky to catch this beautiful moment. Thanks God.

These feel . . . in my deepest soul, there’s a conversation between me and my self. “damn, what’s this? I like this, It happens to me again, I want this more, I want feel this everyday, so what’s this . . . what . . . wait a minute, ah I know it now!”

So it turns out that all this time I have misinterpreted all this. I thought my family, my hobbies, my friends, my . . . I thought they are my biggest happiness, but no, I just realize that smile is my biggest happiness in my life. It turns become my dream, my goal of life. To see smile from everyone, not just my family, my friends, my self, but all people in this universe.

Then I took a look my past memories, I had some beautiful moments before that day, that I didn’t realize yet about my goal. So, let me bring you to around one year ago from that day.

Before that, let me say thank you to Akshay, Pratik and Varsha for accompany us to that beautiful trip. Thank You! :)

Kelapa Island, Kepulauan Seribu (10th — 12th April 2016)

I went to Kelapa island, one of islands in Thousand Islands with one purpose, together with 21 people, we’re join a community that called by KIJP (Komunitas Inspirasi Jelajah Pulau). We are volunteers. We’re doing many thing for good things, like teach local children and give them inspiration, good inspiration to make them be good people who has big dream and will make it comes true. Also teach and serve local people to maximize the local resources. Actually I have been wrote this story and has been published before, you can read here. Get Inspired by Inspiring Children, the title of that story. Hope you like it :).

What’s the meaning of life if we are not happy? How it feels if we live happily and can make many people happy?

At the end of that story, you can see this statement above.

When I wrote that story, I didn’t realize that smile is my biggest happiness. But actually I had have it from long time ago, including that moment.

Same with when I met children in Hampi, I feel same things when I meet children in Kelapa island. I saw lots of happy face, smile face from them. I saw they’re happy get in touch with me. They listened to me while I spoke about dream and laugh when I tried to make a joke. And I listened them, while they asked me questions and told me about their dreams. They were really have good dreams. Doctor, teacher, police, singer, and etc. I was really happy because I was be part of these good activities. This made me feel that finally my life can be useful for many people.

That moment has been make me happy, then that’s why I join again with same community to do same thing in different place, Karimunjawa Island (6th — 8th October 2017).

Then after I found the real happiness, my real happiness, after Hampi I was trying to makes good things like join KIJP again that I told you before and moment that happened around 6 months ago, let me bring you at that moment.

Flores, East Nusa Tenggara (28th April — 5th May 2018)

I went there with my friends, we are 8 people (Adi, Hendra, Olivia, Pandu, Santosh, Thedi & Widya). Together with them, we explore flores, beautiful land, has lots of beautiful places, like Kelimutu National Park, Wologai, Bena & Waerebo. Together from Jakarta by flight to Ende. Took 8 hours and 40 minutes with different time is 2 hours early and transit around 3 hours in Kupang, East Nusa Tenggara.

From Ende to Labuhan Bajo, we used minibus to explore flores. First destination that we visited in flores is Wologai Traditional Village, then the last destination before Labuhan Bajo is Waerebo Traditional Village.

Book for Children is a special activity that we created during our trip. So before that day, we collect books and clothes from many people. Around two weeks, we collected the books and clothes from good people. Then we decided to give it to children and local people in 3 traditional villages. And yes, we visited Wologai, Bena and Waerebo. These are 3 traditional villages that we visited and met local people. Mingle with them and gave books, also clothes to them.

Again, I feel same feeling when we met them and got in touch with them, I saw their smile, not from children only, but I got beautiful smile from local people, it’s so beautiful moments. All efforts that we did before was worthed with all good things that we got. Efforts like hard track to go waerebo village for example. Thank God, we did it.

We will not stop this journet, never! To make us happy, we need to follow our dream, same with me to make me happy, I need to follow my dream, keep do the good things and do the best!

Special Thanks for Adi, Ani, Asrul, Bagus, Erin, Frista, Hendra, Iman, Jhoni, Malik, Mira, Octarina, Olivia, Pandu, Resya, Santosh, Temmy, Thedi & Widya for all good things that you did.

God, may I ask you one thing? May I see smile from all people in this universe? I pray for all people in this universe for their happiness. So they can feel happy and smile everyday, everywhere and forever.

Everyone has own happiness, that always makes smile happen. That smile looks so beautiful for me, that smile is my greatest happiness.

And for you . . . Would you like to show me your smile? :)

Thank you! Hope you like this story, be happy and keep smile! :)



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